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Mobile is taking over the health and fitness industry across the globe and is a game changer, with high market segmentation, huge market potential and promising end-to-end growth

Mobile is taking over the health and fitness industry across the globe and is a game changer, with high market segmentation, huge market potential and promising end-to-end growth

Most Popular Fitness Trainer Apps

Fitness Activity Tracking Apps

Diet and Nutrition Apps

Stress Relieving Apps

Yoga Apps

Workout Apps

Walking / Running Apps

Why invest in a Fitness Trainer App Development?

Technological advancements have brought a huge change in lifestyles. Among all sectors, sports and fitness app development is in high gear. Even both Apple and Google have also come up with Health Fit and Google Kit respectively to facilitate mobile app development for the Health and Fitness domain. Awareness about health and fitness, getting back to shape and maintaining ideal weight has given a boost to the demand of standing apart from the crowded market with own personal trainer app.

Most of the health and fitness enthusiasts are striving towards varied workout apps, nutrition and diet apps and wearable fitness trackers. In addition, personal trainer apps that come with video tutorials, 3D workout models, live fitness sessions, customized training programs, etc. features are fueling the entire fitness app development market. To stay ahead in this stiff competition, to build your own fitness app is must to engage with customers and establish brand awareness.

Features of Fitness Trainer Apps built by Spearmint

We are highly experienced in developing various health and fitness apps. We truly understand that people are nowadays becoming more concerned towards health and fitness. Our mobile app solutions will uplift your gym and fitness center. With our smart app solutions, make your users more aware about their health. We design and develop apps that compel users to download them. All elements that we design are exclusively focused on your ultimate business goals. This is how we build attractive, easy-to-use and flawless fitness and wellness apps that are true to your health and fitness goals, with the right technology embedded.

Attractive UI, Engaging UX

Tailored as per your business model

Cost effective

Unique in its domain

Wearables Integration

Secure and Scalable Architecture

Robust to handle volume of transactions

Social sharing with geo-location

Perfect solution for perfect people

Overcome fitness challenges with a well-crafted fitness app

  • Create profile and sign-in
  • Manage activities
  • Surf and book trainers
  • Email and text notifications
  • Real-time feedback
  • Set targets and track progress
  • Customer support
  • Rate and review
  • Multiple payment options
  • Refer and earn

Strategise your marketing funnel that converts your targets with personalised approach

Attract more customers and grow your business

  • Create and edit profile
  • Manage requests
  • Manage tasks
  • Schedule sessions
  • Upload training videos
  • Create and join groups
  • Access trainings’ history
  • Push notifications
  • Contact support
  • Interactive dashboard

A robust panel/interface to easily manage your ecosystem of fitness solutions

Keep an eye on the growth and success of your personal training business

  • Handle advertisements
  • Manage subscriptions
  • Administer trainers and users
  • Manage notifications and requests
  • Manage pricing and commissions
  • Manage ratings & reviews
  • Secure authentication
  • View and reply feedback
  • Analytics and reporting dashboard
  • Manage metadata (statistics, payment modes and others)

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