elearning app development solutions offer quick access to study materials and promote learning through digital methods and devices. Boost the power and capability of thinking in students and go beyond their comfort zones with our eLearning app solutions

elearning app development solutions offer quick access to study materials and promote learning through digital methods and devices. Boost the power and capability of thinking in students and go beyond their comfort zones with our eLearning app solutions

eLearning App Development Solutions

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Streamline your eLearning with our eLearning Apps

Today, knowledge and education are at our fingertips. Spearmint uses the latest tools and technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to enhance digital education through mobile apps. We provide custom-made eLearning mobile app solutions for Education and Tutoring industry. Engagement is a two-edged sword. It is a challenge as well as an opportunity in the eLearning industry. Our solutions come with a promise to bring opportunities for your business. We help you provide the best interactive and students engaging solutions that assist you overcome existing industry barriers. With our proven eLearning App Development solutions, your tutors will be able to have better interaction and engagement with students and learners. And, you will also able to provide more advanced and innovative learning methods, like remote learning, mobile learning, etc. This eLearning app will overall help in managing your institute activities in an optimized and profit-oriented manner.


Popular eLearning apps we develop

Virtual learning app

Offer personalised tutoring where students can learn with comfort from their home with virtual reality, live streaming, video conferences and audio lessons

Management of institution app

Enhance admin ability and make smarter decisions by tracking classroom attendance, student performance and educational payments in real-time

Mobile learning app

Provide video lessons, audio lessons, eBooks, reference links, etc. through cloud storage to allow accessibility to students and tutors at all times.

Video Conferencing app

Connect learners and tutors through live-streaming or offline videos through cloud storage to teach students with ease

Quizzes and Exam app

Evaluate student’s performance by providing online examination or assignments that can be validated through the app

Tutorials for business app

Offer tutorial videos, links and eBooks to augment self study and boost logical reasoning, data interpretation and analytical ability

Why should you hire Spearmint to build eLearning app development solutions?

We provide real-time tracking of students learning experience to understand their performance.

We integrate eLearning resources with virtual learning to provide better student experience.

We enhance the learning experience by increasing the student interaction with latest technologies.

All educational resources, we provide, are digitally structured for 24/7 access and easy learning.

Make learning simple and fun with unforgettable experience of eLearning

  • Simple sign-in/registering
  • Select preferred learning course from variety of options
  • Choose learning courses according to subscribed plan
  • Connect with tutors
  • Make educational payments
  • Refer and earn discounts in payments
  • Rate and review eLearning service

Redefine eLearning Industry with Custom eLearning Development

  • Students assignments monitoring
  • Interacting with students
  • Attendance recording and monitoring
  • Online HomeWorks and exam evaluation
  • Video conferencing
  • Notifying students of study timetable
  • Validate student performance

Measure activities and ROI to improve ,and optimise time, money and retention rate

  • Manage updates and educational resources in the app
  • Provide accessibility to appropriate tutors to validate student assignments
  • Analyze student and tutor performance
  • Manage subscription plans
  • Evaluate eLearning experience
  • Analyze tutor key performance index (KPI)
  • Providing reports on exam results

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Really Outstanding IT TRAINING COMPANY for Beginners and business professionals who would want to gain the first Job and update the abilities to new technologies correspondingly.



They are very adaptable and able to make use of the technology that is necessary to resolve the issue. They were efficient in their job, and they worked effectively with our in-house staff.



“Both the openness of the process and the quality of the job were outstanding. Their technical prowess is much superior to that of their rivals, who are unable to match either their breadth or depth. They brought our thoughts to life and were very responsive; I can confidently state that this implementation was one of the smoothest experiences I’ve ever had.”


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