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Spearmint is a trusted brand for web development and app development in Angular JS. Connect with out experienced team. Hire Angular JS developersand discuss your idea!

Spearmint is a trusted brand for web development and app development in Angular JS. Connect with out experienced team. Hire Angular JS developersand discuss your idea!

AngularJS Mobile App Development

AngularJS is an effective client-side web application development innovation that adds to your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and accelerates the application’s performance. It is an open source Javascript based basic system for dynamic web applications. It is produced by Google. It is utilized to create stable SPA (Single Page Applications) that have CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations.

HTML is ideal for static archives however it comes up short where dynamic perspectives are required in web-applications. AngularJS gives HTML extra credits to make it more receptive to client activities. It makes RIA – Rich Internet front end Applications.

Spearmint is a prominent AngularJS web & mobile app development company acclaimed to offering best-in-class solutions based on this open source web development framework. We have a track record of developing fully functional web & mobile applications that are secure and easy to maintain. Further, our development team chooses to extend its development realm in AngularJS web & mobile app development domain and has cleared all the milestones by accomplishing the client’s expectations each time by offering them the world-class AngularJS development services.

At Spearmint, we have built up a few straightforward and adaptable applications with modern highlights taking into account complex business requirements for assorted industry verticals. Our group of Angular.js developers makes utilization of forefront devices and most recent advances to offer best AngularJS development services.

How about we examine a couple of its key highlights


A module is a gathering of mandates, administrations, channels, controllers, and arrangement. Modules are utilized to isolate rationales for instance it keeps administrations, controllers, application and so on partitioned from each other and keeps the code clean.


The extension is utilized to connect the controllers and the perspectives. It is the paste amongst controllers and the perspectives. It acts like a setting to assess precise articulations. Every order makes and deals with its own extension. The extension accompanies extra operations which can be exceptionally valuable in building application.


Channels are utilized to design information before showing it to the client. They are utilized as a part of view layouts, controllers, administrations and mandates. AngularJS has worked in channels like Date, Currency, Number, Uppercase, Lowercase, and OrderBy. You can likewise make your own channels.


AngularJS orders are a blend of AngularJS layout check ups (HTML properties or components or CSS classes) and supporting JavaScript code. AngularJS mandates broaden the HTML vocabulary – they include new conduct and control the properties of HTML components in intriguing ways. AngularJS has some work in orders like ng-application, ng-controller, ng-rehash, and ng-display. ng is the center module in rakish. At the point when a precise application is begun, this module is stacked as a matter of course. You can likewise make your own custom mandates.


Articulations tie application information to html. They are unadulterated Javascript code scraps composed inside twofold supports, for example, {{expression}}. They carry on like ng-tie mandates.


A service organizes and shares code across your app. A service can be injected into controllers, directives and filters etc. AngularJS offers various built-in services like $resource, $provide, $window, $parse and $http.


AngularJS layouts are plain old HTML formats. They contain Angular particular components. AngularJS utilizes these layouts to indicate data from the model and controller.

Data Bindings

Information Bindings highlight is the most imperative one for AngularJS. It spares you from composing standard code – the code which is utilized as a part of many spots with next to zero modification. Designers don’t have to control the DOM components and ascribes physically to reflect show changes. AngularJS accommodates two way information official and one way information authoritative. Two way information restricting synchronizes the information amongst model and view. Any adjustment in the model will refresh the view and the other way around. ng-display order is utilized for two-way information official. AngularJS 1.3 presented one way information official.

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Why should you use AngularJS?

AngularJS allows you to extend HTML vocabulary to create new UI widgets/components. It provides a powerful two-way data binding mechanism which binds data to HTML elements by using the scope. The application written in AngularJS is cross-browser compliant. AngularJS automatically handles Javascript code which is appropriate for each browser. It is customizable therefore you can create your own custom components like directives, services etc. Developers using AngularJS are able to write client-side applications in a clean MVC (Model View Controller) way. Code reusability is one of AngularJS’s big advantage. It allows you to write code which can be reused. It supports animations. It supports form validation. It is unit testable.

There is no need to register callbacks. Your AngularJS code is simple and easy to debug. No initialization code needed so you can bootstrap your app easily by using services that are auto-injected in your application.

AngularJS development can be done with the following IDEs: SublimeText, TextMate, WebStorm, Eclipse, VisualStudio 2012, 2013, 2015 or higher. AngularJS supports scalability, maintainability and has modularization at its core. It is the best framework for web applications.

Benefits of AngularJS

Multiple Platforms

A code build for developing an application using AngularJS can be reused to build an application for any other target platform. A single code works for the web, mobile, native desktop and native mobile applications.

Desktop Apps

With the same AngularJS method used to create a web application, we can also develop desktop installed applications athwart Linux, Windows and Mac.

High Performance & Speed

AngularJS pull off the maximum possible speed on the Web Platform.

Code Generation

Templates are turned into the highly optimized code using AngularJS which gives us the feel of handwritten code. This code performs like a framework for building web/mobile applications. With the use of AngularJS, a huge data requirement is met by building data models on Immutable.js, RxJS or another push-model.


Simple template syntax helps to create quick and powerful User Interface(UI). It creates a clear boundary between the view and the application. Thus when any changes or swapping in done at the view level the rest of the application remains unaffected.

Progressive Web Apps

Modern web applications which are dynamic, simple to install, offline, zero loading time and deliver high performance are built using AngularJS which enhances the competencies of the web platform. AngularJS development services are accelerating major influence in web application development.

Native Mobile Apps

AngularJS combining with Ionic Framework App Development, React Native or NativeScript is used to build the native mobile application. The applications can be installed and used as native applications with a good interactive interface.

Code Splitting

A new component router aid AngularJS apps to load quickly and also delivers automatic code-splitting. When any user requests a view it helps to render that view by loading only the required code.


AngularJS quickly builds features with declarative templates. Templates languages can be extended with your own components. Thus makes possible to use a huge collection of components. There is a lot of back up and help to the AngularJS web development from almost every IDE and editors.

Angular CLI

Command Line Tools helps to accelerate the implementation process. It allows fast implementation and project testing. The test data can be easily passed to capture the output. Deployment of the project is made instantly.

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